Wangunst Live:

- 14 September 2013 - Sonic Boom Fesival - PopEi, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
- 2 November 2013 - Mudfest - Perron55, Venlo, The Netherlands
- 1 February 2014 - Widows (uk), Tombstones (no), Wangunst (nl), Dutch & European Stonerrock, Dystopia, The Hague, The Netherlands
- 7 February 2014 - Widows (uk), Tombstones (no), Wangunst (nl), Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands

donderdag 21 november 2013

More press and more organ

Tom van Oorschot joins the ranks with his filthy Hammond-sounds and psychedelic virtuosity.

Stoner Hive on 'Kempisch Ongemak'

"The first three original tracks burst out of the gates with stomping heaviness but soon implore a seventies doom flow and even allow some psychedelic colors to warp your mind. But the crown on their first EP is (unfortunately?) the last song. A cover version of the 1984 Blackbird Special originally by the Dirty Dozen Brassband"

check out the complete story

Meanwhile, this is what Ghostcult Magazine had to say about Mudfest 2013 show:

Wangunst @ Mudfest" up was another Dutch band named Wangunst, we were sitting in the back of the venue enjoying some beers when we heard a nice Hammond organ in their sound. We got exited so we rushed to the front, unfortunately it wasn’t a real Hammond. But well, it still sounded awesome if you ask us. This band brings us a really nice vibe that adheres on the thick, muddy bass playing and loads of feedback. This band definitely gets the whole venue to vibrate, and yes, we are talking about every material in there. Their sound definitely pounds on your chest. If you translate Wangunst, it means something like Envy. This name conceals the very vigorous and dynamic vibe that is thickened with a very dark overtone."

zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Some press-coverage on 'Kempisch Ongemak' coming in...

...and we can dig it.

The great psychedelic blog that is Heavy Planet wrote:

"The Bio pretty sums up the band's overall sound, but the fact that they chose to cover "Blackbird Special" by The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is a remarkable feat, minus the horn section of course and adding their own funky flair. Hailing nowhere near the glorious city of New Orleans (the band is from Tilburg, The Netherlands) this instrumental three-piece known as Wangunst move the Earth with loose and Sludgy riffing, devastating groove and a choice amount of fuzz that reaches into your soul. Wangunst is one of those bands that I could probably listen to all day, but unfortunately there are only these four songs from their latest EP "Kempisch Ongemak" to savor in the meantime. Great stuff!!"

Meanwhile, at

"Wangunst is a fresh three-piece from the deep south of the Netherlands. They play a form of funky instrumental stoner metal that floats somewhere between Karma To Burn & Eyehategod. Even if Wangunst's first EP sounds more like a lost stoner/sludge record without vocals, it still delivers in it's own right with a good dose of fat riffs and sludge-laden groove. Great little gem!"

Thanks y'all!

donderdag 23 mei 2013

Wangunst endorsed by Dr. No Effects

We shure love our fuzzy guitar sound, proudly and partly made possible by the mighty Dr.No from Eindhoven RockCity. Peer uses his Kafuzz, and occasionally the Octofuzz. ROCK!

Dr. No Effects